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Why to have a Pre-Workout Meal?

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Why to have a Pre-Workout Meal?

Missing out on pre work out meal is like missing out on muscle gain. Let's quickly dive into the 'why’.

The two most essential nutrients for any workout are proteins and carbohydrates. The carbohydrate is converted into glucose that gives instant energy to our muscles. On the other hand, protein is synthesized and broken down during the workout to gain more muscles. Hence it is a must to provide a sufficient amount of protein to the body before working out.

In a nutshell, consuming these nutrients before work out is the most essential part of your fitness journey. But here's a catch,

The right source of these nutrients in the pre-workout meal is of utmost importance. What do I mean by the right source? There are two sources of proteins and carbs, junk food and whole food. Every processed food that is made up of the refined flour, refined sugar, and refined oil comes under junk food. However, food consist of whole grain and natural ingredients are the healthy ones.

 A good source of healthy carbohydrates and proteins is whole grains such as millet, jowar, brown rice, etc. Whole food contains complex carbohydrates that are broken down in the body and provide slow and sustained energy to the muscles. However, simple carbohydrate present in junk food gives an instant rush of energy that the body finds difficult to utilize and end up storing it as fat.

Instant carbohydrates also spike the body's sugar level, which may lead to chronic disorders such as diabetes. Moreover, refined food that consists of white rice, refined wheat flour (Maida) has the least amount of protein that doesn't qualify it as a pre-workout meal. Hence getting complex carbs and protein from whole food is vital for an ideal workout.

Nowadays, it is challenging to get our hands on the right source of nutrition because of the dominance of junk food in our lives and the time required to cook healthy food. Instant unhealthy noodles brands have spoiled the market of ready to cook meals. It is easy to take out time for workouts but difficult to spare time for healthy cooking either in the office or working from home. There is a need for healthy, instant, and ready-to-cook food. It is recommended that we should consume protein-rich meals 1 to 2 hours prior to the workout.

Few examples of whole food rich in protein and good carbs are cooked brown rice, lentils, millet khichdi, Sattu, and a sprout salad. It is recommended to have one of this whole food as a pre-work out meal. Since whole food consumption is not in the trend of current Indian culture, it has become difficult for someone with the least time in hand.

Keeping in mind the instant need for fitness freaks, FittR has come up with ready-to-cook instant pre-workout meal options that are great in taste at par with convenience. FittR’s ready-to-cook millet masala khichdi is designed as a pre work out meal.

Millet is a rich source of good protein and carbohydrates. What you get is great taste & health at the cost of least convenience. FittR biTes Sattu energy drink is the right choice for you if you don't want to cook but want handy & healthy drink as a pre-workout meal.

 All FittR biTes products contain no artificial flavoring agents or preservatives and are made with hand-picked natural ingredients. Usually, packed ready-to-cook products available in the market are treated artificially in some way to enhance the taste, but FittR biTes has made sure not to compromise on taste without adulteration.

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