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Guilt-free binge eating is now a trend!

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Guilt-free binge eating is now a trend!

Gone are the days when humans least cared about making food choices for a healthy living. Why?. If we go back in time a few centuries ago, there was no junk food, no 'on-the-go snacking, and no unhealthy fried food. The two words modernization and civilization gave us technological advancement but a gift along, and that's the processed food. If you even recall the conversation with your grandparents, they didn't have a concept of refined wheat flour or refined oils and sugars. Some folks in the earlier evolution of the food industry came up with giving more tasteful food options to consumers. Now, if we look around us, it is the hardest task to find a healthy food option. The refined food industry has dominated the consumer's minds. But here are a few folks like us who want to be healthy and bring change in society to make the world a healthier place to live in.

Ever heard of this phrase?. "You can fool some people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Modern consumers are now aware that they are being manipulated with their food choices. Consumers are leaning toward healthy options. Since it is difficult to get our hands on ready-to-eat healthy food, a new term called 'guilt-free eating' takes over.

Let's talk numbers. According to Ingredion proprietary research, 56 % of people snack to keep their mouth busy, and 41% snack to relieve stress. A large chunk of folks are indulging in unhealthy snacking, but numbers don't stop here. 60% of folks prioritize health when making food options, which means a bigger chunk of the world is moving towards healthy living.

When there is demand, there is supply. Consumer brands recognize the need for healthy consumers. But, there comes the roadblock. If you look at the processed food revolution, it happened because the brands could make the food delicious by processing them. For instance, refined grains are tastier than whole grains because the hard shell of the grain called bran is removed to make it easy to consume. Whole grains like millet and jowar were the only options half a century back. But, it is pretty much possible to make whole grain tastier, and that's what healthy food brands are doing.

FittR Bites has identified the issue of busy consumers who are not ready to compromise their health to satisfy hunger. All the products are designed and prepared by keeping busy and healthy consumers in mind. Millet, a superfood grain, is rich in protein and fiber and has been labeled as underrated grain; FittR Bites has identified its power and challenged the consumer's taste buds to make it a day-to-day snack-friendly.

"Very few brands have thought of fulfilling the healthy and tasty demand of the consumers, thanks to FittR Bites." It's not us; it was one of the consumers who said in his feedback. We use nutritious supergrains in our products. Fruits and vegetables are easily available and are consumed daily, but what's left behind are the grains that contain most of the macro and micronutrients and fiber to fulfill our daily needs.  FittR Bites range of products has covered all the areas of healthy snacking desires, right from millet cookies to meals for lunch and dinner.

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