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Multi Millet Cookies (Pack of 4 boxes - 100 grams box each)

Rs. 280.00 Rs. 275.00

• Good source of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. 

• Maida-free, no added preservatives, no added colors. 

• Healthy cookies.


FittR biTes Millet Cookies are made from multi millets including Finger, Pearl, Kodo, foxtail, Sorghum and little millets. It has unrefined cane sugar and no white sugar.

Millets are a source of protein, iron and micronutrients - vitamins & minerals.

FitR Bites brings you the real goodness of 6-varied millets as is in the form of multi-millet cookies. These crunchy delights are scrumptious yet nutritious. We have made these munchies with the utmost care using natural cane sugar and other natural ingredients which makes it a healthy snack. These healthy snacks are made of millets which are a source of iron, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Get freshly-made healthy millet cookies online.

FittR Bites biscuits are easy healthy snacks that you can trust and care for with confidence. Our multi-millet cookies are vegetarian, and made with natural ingredients and nothing artificial ever. FittR's great-tasting crunchy cookies are produced in limited batches to add the true magic of goodness, love, & authentic taste to your table.

You can buy multi-millet cookies online that are packed using the best-quality technique taking care of hygiene to ensure all the nutrition properties are preserved intact in it with a longer shelf life.

These cookies taste heavenly and are a great addition to nearly every diet.

Crunchy Treats with a blend of nutrition & flavours 

All the good stuff

Enriched with 6 types of millets 

 Sweetened with natural unrefined cane sugar

Delicious & healthy multi millet cookies make for a perfect snack for any time. These millet biscuits are vegetarian and they melt in your mouth in no time. 

 No Maida 

No soda or raising agent

No additives & preservatives 

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