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Combo Pack - Millet Khichidi mix and Millet Dosa mix

Rs. 260.00

 • Maintains your blood sugar levels low and good food for weight loss. 

• Ready to make combo packs – prepare breakfast in just few minutes. 

• Protein rich and fibre rich – multigrain multi-millets. 

• No preservatives and no baking soda.

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Having sumptuous meal is very important for us to race through the day. But sometimes in your daily rush we all try to take shortcuts or skip it. With our ready to cook wholesome meals, you can now have yummy, nutritious and just like homemade meal ready in 10 minutes for you and your loved ones.


FittR biTes this combo includes:

- 1 box of Millets dosa mix (200 gm)

- 1 box of Millets Khichidi mix (200 gm)

Healthy Living starts with Healthy picking. Start your day with a nourishing breakfast.

These ready to cook food products will rejuvenate you and keep you active for long hours. These are a ideal fit if you are on weight management plan, likes meal planning or if you are looking for a diabetic friendly foods.

They are vegan and source of dietary fiber and protein. These are all natural and does not have any -

- preservatives

- additives

- added colours

- Zero trans fat

Start your healthy eating journey by shopping FittR biTes nutritious instant breakfast mixes online! Enjoy the superfood in the form of delectable instant food mixes.

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