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Multi Millets Dosa Instant Mix | Healthy Breakfast | 200 GMS

Rs. 130.00

 • Best way to include millets in your diet. No rice dosa 

• Protein and fibre-rich breakfast. 

• No baking soda, no preservatives, 100% millets and dals, ready to cook multi-millets dosa mix. 

• Gluten-free breakfast, diabetic friendly and helps in lowering cholesterol levels.


Dosa is the most savoured dish across India. It’s a staple in southern India but equally craved by the rest of India too.
FittR biTes brings to you the traditional Indian Dosa in an easy ready-to-cook format and with a twist of millets – nutritious super grains. FittR biTes Millets Dosa mix is made from three millets and three dals and is gluten free. It’s based on homemade recipe and is 100% natural. Millets are gluten free, have low glycemic index and are a source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
Enjoy FittR biTes dosa anytime – it’s serves as a great snack as well as a meal 😊
Dosa is one of the healthy Indian breakfast items, and it is also one of the most loved Indian breakfasts by the people in India. Millets are very healthy and they provide a lot of benefits. Instant Dosa Mix by FittR biTes is prepared using traditional Indian recipes, and it's a 100 % natural product. Millets Dosa is also one of the best diet foods and diabetic foods. People who are trying for weight loss can also enjoy millets dosa, it can help you in weight management too.
This instant millet dosa mix is filled with a lot of natural ingredients and it is gluten free and a source of protein, minerals, and fiber. It does not contain any added sugar. It’s a ready to cook food product and anyone can prepare it easily in their home.

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