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Tradition X nutrition

Millets Khichdi

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Hear What our Customers Have to Say

"Redefining Millet Meal Options!! Honestly, I have never been a big millet fan until I got introduced to the Fittr Millet Khichdi & Dosa mix. Now, I am totally in love with these products. Ease of cooking and excellent taste makes it a perfect complex carb to add to your meal. Highly recommend them."


Kishore Reddy

GM, UQUIFA India Pvt Ltd.

"I tried the FittR Millets Masala khichdi mix, it has become my favourite meal on the go. It keeps me full for a long time. It's nutritious, easy to make, and guilt-free. It tastes good too. I love the product and it's a must-try!"



Fashion Designer

"I have tried FitteR's millet dosa, it is very easy to make and yet absolutely tasty! My favorite comfort food reminds me of my mother’s cooking. Millets never tasted so good. Perfect breakfast choice for health-conscious personal and guilt-free food."


Roshita Pavani


"Being a certified Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant, I advise my clients to include Sattu, launched by FittR as a part of their daily diet. It is a fantastic combination of high-quality protein, fiber, and iron. It’s excellent for people suffering from constipation and a great pre and post-workout drink. I give this a five star. All you need is a bottle of water and a sachet of Sattu and you are ready to go."



Nutrition & Weight Management

"FittR Immunity Brew is an amazing product, simplified for our busy lifestyle but retaining all the qualities of traditional Ayurvedic recipes. It can be made ready in a very short time and is a good substitute for coffee or tea."


Swetha Kode

Home Maker

"Loved the ingredients, presentation, and taste. We have a busy schedule so the on-the-go Kaadha dip bag is perfect for us. I get my daily dose of a healthy brew whenever and wherever, especially in these troubled times. Good work team FittR. Loved it."


Yogesh & Tripti Agarwal


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