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5 Best Low-Calorie Breakfast Options!

By :Joshua Rakesh 0 comments
5 Best Low-Calorie Breakfast Options!

Are you planning to shed some weight? Or are you a fitness freak? Or just being mindful about your food choices? Here are some 5 low-calorie breakfast options for you.

When you are watching your calorie intake to shed extra kilos, you will always look for various options that are healthy at the same time you don’t want to compromise with the taste. You know that we have to consume a fixed amount of calories and at the same time we have to ensure that our micronutrient intake is up to the mark.

How many calories do you need every day?

Well, calorie needs differ on factors such as age and activity level. In general, the average recommended daily calorie intake for adult women range between 1600 and 2400, while for men from 2000-2600. Moreover, the calorie requirement varies from person to person.

 So instead of focusing on low-Cal foods solely, look out for options that are nutritious, filled with essential nutrients, satisfying as well as low in calories.

Adding the below few wholesome meals to your breakfast routine can help you cut down on calorie intakes, as well as give you good energy and nutrition for the day.

One of the greatest challenges is to fix your first meal of the day, which is low on calories, delicious yet keep you fuller for a longer time. To help you deal with this issue, we have rounded up the 5 best low-calorie breakfast option ideas.


5 Deliciously Best Breakfast Options that Help you Maintain your Weight & Fitness Goals:

Our breakfast needs to be filling and wholesome, not fattening!

Here are the 5 best low-Cal breakfast options you can relish wholeheartedly, without any guilt. They are low-Cal, but not boring, in fact, these choices are even tastier than high-Cal alternatives.


  • Oats Idli
  • Upma
  • Millet Dosa
  • Moongdal Chila
  • Fruit Salad


  1. Oats Idli

Oats idli is one of the healthiest breakfast options that has a high nutrition value, as oats are full of protein, essential vitamins, & minerals. It’s easy on the tummy and aids in weight loss.

Rich in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, and magnesium, oat idlis are uber healthy and delicious. A medium size idli have around 25 to 30 calories per piece. They can be prepared by mixing some oats with urad dal and some vegetables. For more taste you can add some semolina to the mix. The light yet filling breakfast has absolutely no oil and only fewer calories.

Give a healthy twist to your boring idli by replacing rice with oats for preparing the batter. Oats contain more dietary fiber and nutrients as compared to rice. They are rich in copper, phosphorous, manganese, selenium, zinc, etc. 2 oats idlis served with chutney or a bowl of sambar can keep you satiated till your next meal.

If you have no time to follow the whole process, we got you a quick fix solution, try FittR bites instant health mixes including millets khichdi,  millet dosa, instant oats idli mix, and also jowar upma and other products like immune-boosting brew.


  1. Upma

One bowl of rava upma is also a super wholesome and filling idea to perk up your breakfast. Suji or rava is also a great source of protein and complex carbs that keep you full for a longer time.

Having authentic upma made with semolina along with some veggies could really add some zing to your mornings. Upma is low in calories, low in fat, and high in fiber. All these factors make this traditional Indian delicacy a preferred option for weight loss and health.

1 serving = 192 calories

Try millet version of upma that is made of jowar. Jowar upma is delicious and wholesome upma made with one of the most versatile wonder grains-Jowar. If you feel it's time-consuming and if you are in a rush, try our instant jowar upma mix where it keeps you feeling fuller for longer & also can be relished by the entire family. It is an additional add-on to the nutrition quotient & the flavor profile too.


  1. Moongdal Chila


Moong dal chia is another excellent low-Cal food option, made with green gram, this dish is very nutritious, easy to make as well as extremely delicious. you just have to be mindful of the oil while making it. Try to avoid refined oils and go for healthy alternatives such as desi ghee, mustard oil, and also be careful about the quantity too.


1 serving of moong dal chila =128 calories.


  1. Millet Dosa

Millets have an excellent nutritional profile and are true superfoods. It is an amazing recipe and nobody can know the difference between these & regular dosas. Millet dosas make an ideal filling breakfast yet scrumptious. Millets are treasure chests of fiber, iron, proteins, magnesium and other kinds of vitamins.


Boost your health quotient with our instant millet dosa mix, made of all real ingredients and is yummy and healthy. Our vegan, gluten-free millet dosa mix is a must-try where it can be usually served with sambar and a variety of chutneys. This crispy millet dosa without rice makes it healthy and diabetic-friendly.

1 serving of Millet Dosa= 132 calories


  1. Fruit Salad


Fresh fruits are indeed a great delight for people who often prefer low-Cal breakfast options. though the calorie count varies depending on the type of fruits you use and the size of the serving, its calories are always significantly lower than most other conventional Indian breakfasts.


You can munch on your favourite fruits just plain or you could add your favourite toppings with some salt and pepper. Fruits are very filling, uber-healthy, and become ready within just 5 minutes.



                Very high in proteins, fibers, proteins, vitamins, and minerals

                Cuts the risk of chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, kidney stones, bone loss, etc.)

                Promotes weight loss

                Enhances energy

                Supports the pregnancy

                Keeps skin & hair healthy

If you are health conscious or want to achieve your weight loss goals in a gradual and healthy manner then you can include the aforementioned options in your diet. Along with the above, you can also try our Sattu energy-boosting drink which keeps you cool and energized.

All these meals are well-balanced and consist of lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and generous portions of fruits & vegetables that add all the essential micronutrients and fiber to your diet.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast & Stay Healthy!

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