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Counter your snack attacks with mindfulness!

By :Joshua Rakesh 0 comments
Counter your snack attacks with mindfulness!

Just answer this-what did you eat yesterday evening at snacking time? Don’t remember? Well, you are not alone & this autopilot snacking can be what is leading to your weight gain, low energy, and general ill health.

Snacks are small portions of food that people eat between meals. This is usually a way to make up for long breaks between meals or make up for interruptions in meals. In the past, snacks were fresh, homemade and portion sizes controlled.

We have been there, you are in a hurry so you grab the quick fix chips, candy bar and eat at your desk.  Or you run through the drive & have dinner while you are driving down the road. These food choices are very rarely healthful or nutritious and your body and brain are not satisfied because you hardly pay attention to the process of eating.

Fortunately, this unhealthy cycle is easy to break & it just takes a little bit of planning ahead, hence being prepared for when the snack attack hits. With wholesome options such as millet chikki bars, millet cookies, you could become mindful about your snacks.

FittR Bites brings you some key points that you need to know about mindful snacking. We offer a wide variety of nutritious and delectable wholesome meals, beverages, healthy snacks, instant health mixes and more. Let’s delve deep about mindful snacking.

While snacks are healthy, we must consume them carefully. Commercially available snacks are high in salt or sugar, which can be addictive if you eat without thinking. When you eat in distraction, you have no control over the amount of food you eat. This slowly raises your threshold for a specific snack. So, if before you were satisfied with one package, now you are not satisfied with two or even three packages. Therefore, conscious snacking is of paramount importance.

 Here are some tips that help you to snack mindfully:

Check if you are really hungry---Ask yourself that you are really hungry or just want to eat to relieve stress or to fight boredom. If you say latter, then you don’t need a snack. You need to distract yourself with some physical activity, or take a few deep breaths, or find someone to talk to, to relieve stress.

Eliminate Distractions---If you are distracted, you will not be able to recognize the satiety signals generated by your brain. Think back on how you opened a bag of popcorn thinking you only ate half, but the movie was so interesting that you ran out of all the packaging. This is called mindless eating. Get rid of all distractions like watching TV or playing on the phone while eating.


Eat Small Proportions Slowly---Take one bite & put the spoon down. Chew the bite slowly so that it mixes completely with the saliva. This will ensure good digestion and also help you determine when your stomach is full. Pour the snack into a small bowl instead of straight out of the package.

Relish Your Food---Engage your senses while snacking. Pay attention to color, texture, taste, appearance and aroma while eating. Close your eyes and savor its aroma. This will help the secretion of saliva even before you put food in your mouth. Take a bite and let your tongue explore the taste and texture of your food. Close your eyes and see how it feels, tastes and tastes in your mouth.

Practice Self-resistant---Stop and think if you are satisfied or do you really need something else? You have to reprogram your mind that this small amount is exactly what you need.

Over time, this moderation will also become a habit. Plus, keeping track of your portion size relieves you of overeating guilt.

To practice mindful snacking requires planning.

Here are some tips to make sure each bite is good for your health.

Organize your pantry: When shopping, always read the labels. Identify the ingredients and then decide if they are right for you or not.

Choose Nutrient-Rich Snacks: Choose snacks that can contain a variety of nutrients in small portions. Snacks help improve the overall nutrition you get from food. Choose foods that are free of refined sugar, refined oil, and refined flour. Some examples are nutty snacks, superfood snacks such as gooseberries (amla), moringa, cumin, and organic palm sugar snacks.

 Check serving sizes - buy small or single-serving bags. When snacking at home, make small portions. Finish this and then check for yourself if you need more.

It is not difficult to realize this. You just need practice and discipline. At the end of the day, practice is what makes you perfect.

It's okay if you can't do it 100% from the very beginning; Do not rush. Always remember to get back to normal the next day.

Mindful snacks can help you reach your health goals! This will give you not only strength, but also peace of mind.

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