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Your Next Week's Menu

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Your Next Week's Menu

A week not planned is a week wasted, especially when it comes to your fitness journey. We usually go ahead with a random selection of meals throughout the week and end up feeding our bodies with unhealthy food. Planning your week with a healthy menu is also a key to bringing down binge eating junk. Meal planning also ensures you eat varied healthy and nutrient-dense foods throughout the week, increasing the likelihood of meeting nutrient needs to support your weight loss journey. 

It's hard to get on a healthy diet but easy to slip away. That's why planning your week with a healthy meal is so important.

How can you get the most benefits out of your weekly meal plan?

  1. Saves time- We unknowingly tend to spend so much time cooking and thinking about what to eat. Planning meals ahead save your time and energy by decreasing decision fatigue. 
  1. Reduces food wastage- Meal planning helps you reduce food waste and mitigate needless shopping trips by utilizing what's already on hand rather than spending money on ordering takeaways.
  1. Reduces the stress of last-minute cooking- The most common question "What's for lunch?" "What's for dinner?" These questions often cause stress, making us order some junk food that makes us regret it later.
  1. Controls the portion:Along with eating healthy, it is also essential to measure your food. For example, even good carbs or proteins consumed in excess end up converting into fat.
  1. Saves money:Meal planning makes cooking at home easier, and helps you save money month over month by cutting down on ordering in and eating out meal events.

Now the question is, how do I plan my meal for the week?

Make sure your meal plan is packed with essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals required in a day.

Let's have a look at recommended daily dietary allowance for an average adult. 

 Nutrients Recommended allowance

  • Calories - 1500-2000
  • Protein - 50 gms Approx
  • Carbohydrates - 250 gms Approx
  • Fat - 70 gms

It is quite a hassle to get all the essential macro-nutrients in the required amount through healthy food. Planning the meals ahead of time gives one the upper hand towards daily nutrition fulfillment. 

A few of the meals options that are light in hassles and dense in the essential nutrients are whole grain Khichdi, Upma, and Dosa.

Getting a subscription to 'ready to cook healthy meals is the best option because it reduces your time, energy, and efforts. 

FittR biTes offers customized ready to cook instant meal plans for busy yet efficient individuals and provides the right proportion of every nutrient required by the body. You can subscribe to the FittR biTes subscription box based on your requirements.

  • If you are looking for protein rich food or more Protein in your meal plan, we have got you covered with our protein subscription boxes.
  • If you are allergic to gluten or planning to avoid it, FittR biTes gluten free subscription box includes ready-to-cook Millet Dosa, Millet masala khichdi, and Jowar Upma which are gluten free. 

Losing weight or keeping in shape is challenging and requires planning. FittR biTes subscription plans are the needed addition to your planned health journey as they are packed with nutrient-dense, wholesome meals which can be made in less than 15 mins. 

Also, based on your nutritional requirements, you can add chicken, eggs, paneer, or tofu as a choice of Protein to one of our meals to increase your protein intake.

Check out which FittR biTes subscription plans suits your need and order today.

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