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We all love food!!! Whenever we eat, we are teleported to a different world – a world of excitement, happiness, aroma, taste, satisfaction, comfort and the list goes on 😊

Some like it spicy, some like it fried, some like it sweet, some like it the junk way and then there are some like me, who like it simple, less processed and healthy. Food, which is nourishing, nutritious, and light on your taste buds and gut. Food, which is inspired by traditional wisdom, ingredients and recipes, and food that has traveled through our generations – passed from our grandmothers to mothers and on to us and that we unavoidably will pass on to our children.

I know, right now what is going on in your mind – “Ancient, traditional, healthy, nutritious – It all sounds good! But who has the time to think, plan, shop and cook? I just want to order in or open that pack of chips. "Kholo aur khalo”.

We all are over-packed; overworked and wish we had a 48-hour day. In our daily tussle between time and responsibilities, our food and health take a back seat. WE DON’T THINK. We forget what’s good for us and we avoid or take shortcuts in cooking and fill ourselves with empty calories - overload ourselves with carbs, sugar, and processed food. That’s where ‘FittR with every bite’ is born.

‘FittR with every bite’ is an endeavor to bring to you simple, healthy, minimally processed, and nutritious food inspired by traditional recipes and ingredients in convenient to use formats. We do the thinking and planning for you. Healthy snacks and breakfast are carefully curated and packed only for you. It is still your ‘kholo and khalo’ but healthy, just like homemade and nutritious.

Order FittR, Eat FittR & Be Fitter 😊

Shilpi Singh

Founder, Foodpreneur, a wife, a mom and a health & fitness enthusiast
(IIT – Rookee, Co’2002, ISB Co ‘2013)

Founder & Team

Shilpi is a food lover and health & fitness enthusiast. While balancing her roles of a working professional and a home manager, she realised that there is a need for healthy but quick food options that cuts down the time spent in kitchen on everyday basis, which led her to start FittR Bites. Prior to FittR Bites, Shilpi has 14 years of work experience in engineering, operations and consulting roles in various sectors and geographies. She holds a MBA from Indian School of Business, a MS in Engineering from Iowa State University and a B.Tech in Engineering from IIT – Roorkee

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