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About Us

FittR biTes is an endeavor to bring guilt free, nutritious and tasty foods in convenient formats to help you meet your health and fitness goals while cutting your time significantly in the kitchens. Our products are inspired by traditional recipes and ingredients. We do the thinking and planning for you. Healthy snacks and meals are carefully curated and packed only for you. You can stack our products in your pantry and enjoy them anytime. It is your β€˜kholo and khalo’ but healthy, just like homemade and nutritious.

Order FittR, Eat FittR & Be Fitter 😊

Shilpi Singh

(IIT – Rookee, Co’2002, ISB Co β€˜2013)

Founder & Team

Shilpi is a food lover and health & fitness enthusiast. While balancing her roles of a working professional and a home manager, she realised that there is a need for healthy but quick food options that cuts down the time spent in kitchen on everyday basis, which led her to start FittR Bites. Prior to FittR Bites, Shilpi has 14 years of work experience in engineering, operations and consulting roles in various sectors and geographies. She holds a MBA from Indian School of Business, a MS in Engineering from Iowa State University and a B.Tech in Engineering from IIT – Roorkee.

Meet our Team