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Why prefer ready-to-cook mixes over every day eating out or ordering in?

By :Joshua Rakesh 0 comments
Why prefer ready-to-cook mixes over every day eating out or ordering in?

Why prefer ready-to-cook mixes over every day eating out or ordering in?

Have you ever come home late from work, and instead of sweating over the kitchen stove for an hour- whipped out a packet of ready-to-cook (RTC) dosa mix and made a delicious meal for yourself in minutes? 

Over the last decade, there has been a distinct shift in preference of consumers towards RTC, led by youth who move out of their homes for jobs. This has been brought about by a lack of infrastructure when it comes to food, declining knowledge of cooking, and a major paucity of time. Not only that, people are now realizing that with ready-to-cook food, they cannot only make cooking a lot more convenient for themselves but also do it without compromising their health, since all the ingredients and nutrition profile in an RTC premix are visible and one can know exactly what they are consuming. 

  1. Lately, with a shift in the focus that people give to their health, food companies have started paying attention to the ingredients they use for these mixes. There's a wide range available in the market- for all kinds of requirements, from healthy daily food to that which tastes like restaurant food.
  2. There are healthy RTC products available that are either devoid of or contain  a lot less oil and harmful fatty substances than outside food. Since a main component of RTC mixes is prepared at home, the amount of oil used can be controlled by the person using it. 
  3. It’s a lot more sustainable- health, comfort, and money-wise, than eating out. Outside food does not come with a nutrition profile tag, so it is impossible to tell what’s going inside your body. 
  4. All kinds of RTC mixes are available these days- especially for people who want to start focusing on their health, such as Fittr Bites’ oats idli mix, or millet dosa mix.

Even though a lot of us might find it more habitual to order in or eat out when we aren’t able to cook, using these premixes would not only be a lot better for our bodies, it can also become a substitute to cooking at home altogether, unlike eating outside food every day. So are you ready to give your health a chance, starting with Fittr Bites’ healthy breakfast premixes? 

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