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Protein Power Combo

Rs. 365.00

• Instant energy drink with healthy breakfast. 

• Rich in fibre and protein. 

• 100% natural with herbal ingredients, no preservatives, no added colors, no baking soda. 

• Aids weight loss, boosts immune system, good for heart health.

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Those of you who are looking for protein rich snacks, go for our protein powder combo. 

It has : -

-1 Box of Sattu Energy Booster ( 5 sachets x 40 gms, 200 gm)
-1 box of Millets masala khichdi (250 gm)
-1 box of Millets dosa mix (300 gm)

Maintaining good health is always not an easy task, you have to consume food that is rich in nutritional values. Nowadays, the food that we are eating is not providing enough nutrients that are required by our body. Also, because of the modern lifestyle and food habits, people are becoming victims to many illnesses and diseases. 

FittR biTes offers the best combo products that could help you to maintain your body fit and healthy by providing the required nutrients. This instant mix combo pack includes one box of Sattu energy Booster, one box of millet masala khichdi, and one box of millet dosa mix. 

Sattu powder is one of the oldest traditional Indian drink mixes, and it provides a lot of benefits to the body. It will give a cooling effect to the body and it also provides proteins, fiber, iron, calcium, and many other nutrients. 

Khichdi is one of the popular Indian recipes, and almost everyone prepares this dish at their home. FittR biTes millet masala khichdi mix is gluten free and provides protein, fiber, and minerals to your body. 

Dosa is a popular Indian breakfast item, and it is loved by almost everyone. FittR biTes brings you millet dosa mix, it’s an instant dosa mix, which can be prepared easily at your home. It is gluten free.

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