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Millet Power Combo

Rs. 500.00

• Different ways to include millets in your diet. 

• 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no baking soda. 

• Helps in good heart health, aids in digestion 

• Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or are fighting health issues, millets are good to add to your diet. This combo is packed up with the goodness of the superfood millets. It is a mix of meal and savoury snacks. You can use dosa and khichdi as a breakfast or meal and have savoury snacks - cookies and chikkis as a dessert or a snack. 

Eating healthy is easier now!

Anytime you want to have a quick and healthy breakfast or meal, it is just minutes away with the help of FittR biTes nutritious instant millet breakfast and wholesome meal mixes. It is a win-win as the mixes are quick and easy to prepare as well as super healthy, as the key ingredient, millets are the epitome of great health, with its Nutri-cereal formula of high protein, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients which boost immunity.

This Combo brings you the whole goodness of millets that satiates your healthy breakfast and snacking requirements.

     This combo offers:

 1 box of Millets masala khichdi (250 gm)

1 box of Millets dosa mix (300 gm)

1 box of Multi millet cookies (100 gm)

1 box of Millets chikki (20 pcs, each 20 gm)

We usually offer 4 variants of breakfast or wholesome meal mixes.

Millet Masala khichdi

Millets dosa mix

Oats idli mix

Jowar upma mix 

Snack Consciously 

This combo also consists of uber-delicious millet cookies that create a beautiful symphony between your taste buds and your health. 

Simple & mindful Snack replacements can help in achieving your health goals.

Guilt-free indulgence 

Increased energy levels 

Wholesome and delicious millet cookies with the natural sweetness of cane sugar. These junk-free millet biscuits are mindfully made to nourish you & your family so that you could enjoy them without feeling guilty. made with a careful selection of ingredients and we offer tasty & healthy snacks that digest slow and avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.

No preservatives 

No artificial flavours

Guilt-free healthy binging

Instant happiness with instant breakfast mixes, start your day with a healthy millet-based breakfast. Make a quick and nutritious breakfast from instant millets dosa mix and khichdi mixes to healthy snacks. Shop from a varied range of biscuits and breakfast mixes with the best offer from the FittR biTes online store.

Make your life easy with ready to cook breakfast or wholesome meal  mixes & ready-to-eat healthy snacks!

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