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Jowar Upma Rava Mix | Healthy Breakfast | 250Gms, 3 servings

Rs. 150.00

• Fibre rich, high source of dietary fiber, and gluten-free breakfast. 

• No preservatives and contains 100% jowar. 

• Packed with iron, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. 

• Good for bone health, digestive health and helps in weight loss.


FittR biTes brings to you Upma pre-mix pack of very nutritious Jowar (Sorghum) grains. It is based on the home-made recipe. Jowar has low Glycaemic index (anti diabetic) and is a source of dietary fiber and protein. It also contains anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Jowar being a gluten free grain, is a great alternative for those with gluten allergy or who want to opt for gluten free diet.
We all love upma, and it’s one of most popular Indian breakfast recipes. Upma made by using Jowar rava provides many health benefits. Regular rava, which is available in the market, will be treated with several gases to prevent infestation and also to increase the shelf life. 
On the other hand, Jowar rava is rich in calcium, carbohydrate, and other nutrients. It is also a healthy ingredient to prepare upma, and they also provide a lot of health benefits. People who are trying hard for weight management can enjoy Jowar Upma. The rich fibers of Jowar helps in weight loss, and it is one of the best diet foods and diabetic foods.
FittR biTes brings you the best and high quality Jowar rava upma mix, and it is prepared without using any additives, and it’s made using natural ingredients. Jowar upma could help you to manage diabetes, and also make your bones strong and healthy

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