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Jowar Millet Cookies ( (Pack of 4 boxes - 100 grams each box)

Rs. 280.00 Rs. 275.00

• Loaded with the goodness of jowar millets. 

• No maida, no baking soda, no preservatives, no colors and no artificial flavors. 

• Improves heart health and digestive system. 

• Healthy snack for all age groups.

Jowar millet cookies are made from Sorghum (Jowar) millet flour, whole wheat flour, unrefined cane sugar, vegetable oil and salt.

It does not contain any added preservatives and colours.

Millets are a source of protein, iron and micronutrients - vitamins & minerals.

Jowar millet cookies are a healthier version of your regular cookies packed with the benefits of jowar, natural unrefined cane sugar, and other ingredients.

These jowar millet cookies are made of jowar millets. Millets are a source of dietary fiber, protein, and other key micronutrients.

Crunchy & crisp jowar millet biscuits are your best solution to relishing a healthy snack without the guilt. 

Delicious muti-millet cookies are packed with nutrient-dense properties, jowar is an age-old grain that is an excellent source of dietary fiber & protein. Our jowar millet cookies are the best because -  

No additives

No artificial colours, flavours

0% maida

100% Natural 

No Baking powder 

Both jowar flour and unrefined cane sugar along with other basic ingredients goes into the making of these cookies, creating chewy yet crunchy healthy biscuits that could be your favourite tea accompaniment or otherwise as an anytime snack that you can carry with you. These could also be a great holiday and festive gift.

Jowar millet cookies are made of Jowar millets. Millets are a source of  antioxidants, and micronutrients. Buy a combo pack of jowar millet cookies online at the best prices.

FittR Bites presents yummilicious jowar millet cookies online with the natural sweetness of unrefined cane sugar. No preservatives & artificial flavours.

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