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Sattu Energy Booster - Pack of two (Each pack 200 gms - 5 X 40 gms sachets)

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• 100% natural, no added colors, and no added preservatives. 

• Has a cooling effect on the body. 

• Good source of dietary fibre and protein. 

• Aids digestion and boosts energy levels.

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FittR biTes Sattu Energy Booster is carefully handcrafted with the best quality ingredients and is 100% natural.

Sattu is our very own Indian superfood that provides instant energy and has cooling effects on the body. It is made from roasted black gram, which is a natural source of protein, dietary fibre, iron, calcium and other minerals. Traditionally, it is a popular and staple drink of the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Uttar Pradesh. In ancient times soldiers, sailors, monks and other travellers used to carry Sattu snacks for their long journeys given its nutritious profile, ease of consuming and long shelf life. It was also used as a part of payment for the armies of Mauryan dynasty.

Energise yourself with a fresh and glass of FittR biTes Sattu Energy Booster!!!

Sattu is a traditional Indian native drink and it could boost the energy levels and help to keep the body cool. Sattu is a natural energy boost drink, and it is mostly consumed in the northern states like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand, where the temperature reaches around 45 degrees Celsius. 

FittR biTes Sattu energy booster is one of the best energy drink powders made using herbal ingredients and it is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and other vital minerals. This sattu powder is 100 % natural and helps to improve the digestive system and also it’s good for skin. 


The ingredients of this Sattu powder are, Mint powder, Anchur, Black pepper, Black salt, Green chilli powder, Roasted cumin powder, Salt, Ginger powder, and Amla powder.

Direction of Use

The process of making sattu energy booster drinks is very simple, just follow the below process to enjoy healthy sattu drinks. 

Take a glass of water, around 200 to 250 ml of cold water. 

Empty one full sachet of sattu powder in that glass of water.

Stir the water with a spoon to mix it well.

And that’s it, you can enjoy a healthy FittR biTes Sattu Energy Booster.  

You can add freshly chopped mint leaves, green chilies and onion for better taste.

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