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Multi Millets Masala Khichdi Mix | 200 Grams Pack

Rs. 130.00

• Rich in protein and dietary fibre. 

• 100% natural, gluten-free, no preservatives, healthy & tasty. 

• Good for heart and helps in weight loss. 

• Diabetic friendly and promotes digestion.


Khichdi is a traditional Indian comfort food and also one of the most iconic dishes that finds presence in all Indian kitchens. In Indian culture, it is also the first solid food given to babies because its packed with nutrition and easy to digest.
FittR biTes Khichdi mix is a notch up in terms of its nutrition value as it’s made from different varieties of millets and moong dal and is gluten free.
Millets are gluten free, have low glycemic index and are a source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Millet Masala Khichdi is the best diet food, which is packed many vital nutrients.
It is all natural and have no added preservatives. So, if you are trying for weight loss, then this khichdi mix would be the best food for weight management. Also, this one of the best diabetic foods for the people who are troubling with diabetes.
Khichdi is India’s one of the most widely popular dishes, and it is cooked in almost every home. It provides many nutrients to the body and it’s very easy to digest. FittR biTes millet Khichdi is the best product and it contains main nutritional values. 

This instant khichdi mix is prepared using different Indian natural ingredients and this Khichdi mix is gluten free. It will provide nutrients to the body like proteins, minerals, fiber, and many other nutrients. 

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