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Diabetic-friendly Millets!

By :Joshua Rakesh 0 comments
Diabetic-friendly Millets!

Can small humble grains help you control your diabetes?

Millets are ancient cereal grains that have gained popularity for its high nutritional content & its potential to prevent various diseases. Millets have become such a crazy food that it has earned the nick name, “the new quinoa”.

Compared to other grains such as rice, wheat, and corn, millets have loads of nutrition. It is high in:




Vitamins & Minerals

Significantly, it is also gluten-free, Millets are lower on the GI-glycemic index than several other grains. That means, they raise you blood sugar gradually and slowly instead of in quick spikes. Low-GI, high-fiber foods keep blood sugar steady, help lower cholesterol and weight loss. These things are helpful for diabetic people.

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How Millets Affect Blood Sugar?

Millets are a super whole grains that means that has outer layers, bran, & germ. Food companies in the market strip away these layers to produce refined versions like white flour. Because it takes our bodies longer to digest whole grains and they do not raise the blood sugar levels as quickly as refined grains do.

Fiber-rich millets help in controlling the rise of sugar levels in the blood. Dietary fiber aids in the slow release of sugar after consumption of food & thus improve insulin sensitivity. Apart from fiber, a study found that some minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, & protein aid in managing sugar levels in the body.

Best Millets for Diabetes:

It has been proclaimed that millets have a low glycemic index & its value ranging from 54-68 in pearl millet, foxtail millet, & finger millet. But the carbohydrate to fiber ratio would make us easy to understand as well as choose the appropriate millets for controlling diabetes. As per the study by the NINH-(National Institute of Hyderabad), barnyard millet, little millet, and foxtail millet have a C/F ratio of 4.8, 8.22, and 8.99 respectively.

 Comparison of Millets on Glycemic Index


Type of Millet

Glycemic Index food Category

Mean Glycemic Index


Barnyard Millet




Foxtail Millet




Finger Millet




Kodo Millet




Little Millet




Pearl Millet







Obesity is one major lifestyle disease that increases the risk of diabetes. One research found out that obese people encountered with iron deficiency & this makes it favourable for rising diabetes. So, millets such as pearl millet will aid in improving iron status & also in the weight loss journey.

So, considering the aforementioned facts and figures it is time to choose the best millets for a diabetic diet. They are as follow:

  1. Foxtail millet
  2. Finger millet
  3. Barnyard millet
  4. Little millet
  5. Pearl millet

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